About Easeness

A beautiful About Easeness

Easeness is to business as easiness is to busyness.

I hope this clears up any confusion around this silly name, what it means, or its pronunciation.

We find ourselves at a pivotal time, point break, the cusp of a wave about to crash. And there is one hell of a riptide in these waters. But seeing as we have already paddled out past the point of no return, we had better remember how to swim. Swimming is easy, of course, but if you try too hard or don't try enough, you drown.

The Great Exhale of 2020

In 2021, we may still be guessing, still be arguing. But by 2022, we'll have the space to see what really went on during this "pandemic". We'll understand we had many damaging habits to shed, many hurtful attachments to let go, and opened many wounds that we then had to heal. And we were wounded to begin with, descending as we each do from countless generations of habitual (now institutionalized) violence, oppression, and swelling, mounting, towering ignorance. We had to stay busy to distract ourselves from the horror of our society.

It ain't easy being B Corps

When this dawned on me—that the drive behind our otherwise inexplicable hurry, the origin of our thirst for progress, the root of our hunger for productivity, were all the same desperate flight from the evil within us—I remembered what we forget. And that is, in a word, Easeness. In other contexts we call it Abundance, Providence, Bounty, Grace, Mercy. These are words that rarely enter the workplace.

You see, in this Military-Industrial-Corporate-Penitentiary-Oligopolistic-Plutocracy (MICPOP) disguised as democracy, where the rulers sit in their towers converting nature into dollars, the politicians dutifully bellow "MOAR JOBS!", and the working people hide their faces in fear and goad each other to work harder and stay busy, we all silently espouse a fundamental assumption:

We are not okay.

The popular, subliminal narrative develops from there.

There is evil in the world. No one knows why. Some people are just evil. Some people aren't people at all, but monsters. Nature is full of monsters red of tooth and claw, killing and scraping to get by. Because there isn't enough to go around. And someone or something is always out to get to us. Our enemies will take what we need, or our very lives if we are not careful.

We've heard this story in myriad forms all our lives. Depending on our cultural and geopolitical context the villains' names and faces change, but they remain the same. Was any of it true?

To pursue business in its modern manifestations in good conscience and with good reason, it is necessary for these premises to be true. We'll restate them more clearly (and eventually flesh out each one):

  1. Humans are exceptional.
  2. There is not enough.
  3. Nature is our enemy.
  4. Evil is, but we are not.
  5. We are not okay.

Take any business model, and you will find one, some, or all of these at the root. You will notice upon close inspection that each of these premises describes a separation or an exclusion. The systems, processes, and groups that grow from roots such as these will contain a fundamental split or obstacle. Sometimes, even often, intentionally or not, the split is buried, the obstacle is obfuscated. Here, mixed in with the Easeness features, we will periodically spelunk into seemingly innocuous, eco-friendly, humanitarian, or philanthropic busyness models, excavating splits from well-being, unmasking obstacles to integration, and exposing the kinks in the roots.

What's ease got to do with business?

This framing of any business model as rooted in separation or exclusion may seem rather hopeless and damning. If every business is rotten, what do we do? The answer lies in the premises we are bringing into question.

Trailing the Great Exhale of 2020, we spurtle toward the Great Reset of 2021, both astrologically and sociologically. Many waves will collapse into and emanate from each other. Many minds will become full, empty, change. As the dominoes fall in the days to follow, many creatures may perish: whole species, whole ecosystems. Many bits will flip all at once. But bits don't flip themselves.

That's where we come in, we points of conscious awareness inhabiting bodies what extend infinitely out into the universe, we manifesters of intention yoked to being by the breath, we wiggly woven vessels of vibration setting sail on the winds of Love from the Source into the Void. We flip the bits.

And once we are aware of the ugly premises underlying business itself (and once we acknowledge and accept them), we can flip each bit one by one until the taint is cleansed and we can proceed with open arms and wild hearts. Here's how those premises look after the Reset:

  1. Humans are acceptable.
  2. There is plenty for everyone.
  3. We and nature are within each other.
  4. Evil and good create each other anywhere they emerge.
  5. We are okay.

These premises can function as tenets ("it holds" from the Latin) for creating a profitable, sustainable, exponentially growing Easeness. These tenets yield the five core values of Easeness: Acceptance, Abundance, Evolution, Un-ity, and Harmony.

But enough about this concept. We're here to celebrate you who are co-evolving healthy compassionate relationships, systems, flows, and groups, who are striding toward Easeness rather than running your business.

More Easy Pieces

A beautiful Humans Are Exceptional: A Business Premise

Humans Are Exceptional: A Business Premise

Business presumes that humans are exceptional. So, in all likelihood, during this potentially irreparable plastic bonanza, we simply didn't ask "Why?" very much. As Easeness would have us realize, rather than exceptional, humans are merely acceptable, and sacred like every other being and facet of nature. Our shoes can reflect this perspective, but few of them now do.

A beautiful The Tenets of Easeness

The Tenets of Easeness

Five breezy pieces. Think of these as emergent mantras. In case of hurry, breathe and repeat.