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A beautiful Contact Easeness

I would love to hear from you in any capacity, especially if you have Easeness to share or to point me toward.

Please send love letters, hate mail, feedback, questions, and whatever randomness arises to your trusty Kerrbear here at notbusy@easeness.biz.

More Easy Pieces

A beautiful Humans Are Exceptional: A Business Premise

Humans Are Exceptional: A Business Premise

Business presumes that humans are exceptional. So, in all likelihood, during this potentially irreparable plastic bonanza, we simply didn't ask "Why?" very much. As Easeness would have us realize, rather than exceptional, humans are merely acceptable, and sacred like every other being and facet of nature. Our shoes can reflect this perspective, but few of them now do.

A beautiful The Tenets of Easeness

The Tenets of Easeness

Five breezy pieces. Think of these as emergent mantras. In case of hurry, breathe and repeat.